Monday, 13 September 2010

beauty tips for 11- 13 year olds...

Welcome to beauty tips! The following blogs will help you with all beauty and fashion related crisis's for all age groups.

The most important key to being beautiful is to be as natural as possible, to achieve this and still be fabulously unique you need to:

1) Find your comfort zone

If all the girls at school are wearing tonnes of make-up and having there hair in the latest hair style, does that mean you have to? NO! the most important thing in looks is being yourself and being comfortable in yourself weather that means wearing a football kit or high heels...but that doesn't mean following the crowd. Be you!

2) Clothes don't have to constantly be in style for them to look good

This part is sometimes hard to understand...why cant you wear you old clothes and your new clothes together? Heres some tips of combining updated clothes with old clothes:

e.g. wearing something in style (skinny jeans, jeggings etc.) with a top that you've had for 2 years and accessorizing in your own way, this makes the outfit relevant and takes use of your old clothes.

3) Having a bad hair doesn't mean you have to have bad hair

Ever had one of those days where your hair just doesn't do what you want it to? well weather you have thick, thin, short of long hair you can still make it work.

thick hair- throw it up in a bun. mess around with your hair untiul it looks right, be experimental. Use 50 bobbles and hair grips if you have to!

thin hair- put it in a pony tail. people with thin hair always look good in a pony tail, even if they think they dont. stick in a jazzy headband or a funky bobble. its a great simple style!

short hair- if your hair is long enough, put it in a little pony tail. believe me, it looks more grown-up than it does baby-ish. or have it down a put a headband in or some grips. there are lots of ways of looking great without blow- drying and staightening.

long hair- long hair choices are endless, you can create lots of styles that look fantastic without making too much of a effort. a bun, a pony tail, plaits, throwing your hair up and securing with goes on!

Good luck 11-13 year olds, i hope this advice was useful and gave you the confidence to look fabulous!

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